wNw café, Binh Duong, Viet Nam, design by Vo Trong Nghia Co., Ltd

wNw café, Binh Duong, Viet Nam, design by Vo Trong Nghia Co., Ltd
pic%2520%25281%2529.jpg (1000×665) pic%2520%25283%2529.jpg (1000×665) pic%2520%25282%2529.jpg (1000×596) pic%2520%25288%2529.jpg (1000×692) pic%2520%25287%2529.jpg (1000×665) pic%2520%25286%2529.jpg (1000×707) pic%2520%25285%2529.jpg (1000×707) Site%2520Plan.jpg (1000×704) Detail%2520Plan.jpg (1000×694) simulation.jpg (539×640) Elevation.jpg (1000×158) Detail%2520Section.jpg (720×657) CIMG2664.jpg (912×684) Architects: Vo Trong Nghia Co.,Ltd Location: Bình Dương, Việt Nam Type: cafe Photographer: Dinh Thu Thuy. It is well known that Vietnamese are familiar with bamboo. It is used for many different purposes, in constructions, as finishing materials, hand crafts, in meals. In the wNw cafe the beauty of bamboo has been rediscovered - friendly but extraordinary. wNw cafe utilizes local and traditional architectural features to create an alternative/ escape from the chaotic surrounding city. The project uses the principles of aerodynamic design. When designing the café, computer simulations of the spaces were used to study the airflow and the cooling capacity of the water. These studies have allowed us to reduce the use of electrical energy such as air conditioning, lowering the buildings energy costs. The whole building is constructed by 7,000 bamboo elements which have been treated using traditional Vietnamese methods. The bamboo structure has no concrete columns, but uses wire bracing supports. The V-shaped roof relates to the surrounding trees and creates an open space with breathtaking views. The café is surrounded by artificial lakes. The lake brings the surroundings closer to the observer. At the first glance the lake gives the impression of being very deep, but is actually just knee high. It is the black stone and the curved bottom of the lake which give the illusion of the depth. The guests enjoy their coffee and feel like they are returning to nature and a peaceful life.
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