Bicycle Snake design by DISSING+WEITLING Architecture

Bicycle Snake design by DISSING+WEITLING Architecture
Architects: DISSING+WEITLING Architecture Location: 1560 København V, Denmark Area: 235 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of DISSING+WEITLING Architecture Engineer: Rambøll Contractor: MT Højgaard The area around Fisketorvet shopping center has been characterized by a particular problem. Two distinctive groups of users, each with conflicting interests, cyclists and pedestrians. The cyclists needing to get easily from Kalvebod Brygge over to Island Brygge. They use the connection daily and want an easy and safe passage through the area. This was getting in conflict with the many pedestrians using either Fisketorvet shopping center or just staying in the public bath area. Around 12.500 cyclists daily cross Bryggebroen (Quay Bridge) and the area around Fisketorvet. DISSING+WEITLING has made the new long bicycle ramp/bridge that takes off from Havneholmen and continues in a winding course along Fisketorvet towards the shopping center’s main entrance. The bridge completely separates cyclists from pedestrians and have hereby solved a large logistic problem. The cyclists now pass quickly and efficiently through the area, while experiencing a unique and exciting view. Finally, the elevated road allows pedestrians the use of the entire wharf avoiding perilous situations. The bicycle snake meanders 6-7 meters above sea surface with a length of 190 meters and 30 meters of ramp. The bridge is made of steel, which helps to give it a light and elegant look. The surface has a bright orange color, which creates a clear visual course for cyclists. With the built-in lighting, the bridge will be clearly illuminated at night. Furthermore, it will enrich the area as a bright visual element in the night. The ramp provides a unique harbour outlook during sunny days and a shelter during rainy days. The owner of Fisketorvet will be able to use the now more quiet area to establish a more recreational space. This will eventually lift the overall area’s quality. DISSING+WEITLING recently also elaborated ” Ideal Solutions to improve the passability on Super Cycle tracks”. The Super cycle tracks will generate better conditions for the commuter cyclists and make more people want to take the bike instead for the car – also for longer trips. This will generate a better urban environment, less congestion and more health – for the benefit of all road users. They are made with as few obstacles as possible, and there is a strong emphasis on safety, security and comfort. DISSING+WEITLING has elaborated concepts for the different infrastructures, which focuses on increasing comfort, bringing down the price, ensure recognition, and increase safety and security.
Source: DISSING+WEITLING Architecture
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