Bahrain National Theatre design by AS.Architecture Studio

Bahrain National Theatre design by AS.Architecture Studio
Architects: AS.Architecture Studio Location: Manama, Bahrain Area: 10370.0 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Nicolas Buisson Engineer: Setec Bâtiment Lighting Designer: L’Observatoire Theatre Consultant: Theatre Project Consultants Acoustics: XU Acoustique Local Consultant: Atkins
Programme: Main auditorium of 1,001 seats, flexible auditorium of 150 seats, exhibition areas. Project: Bahrain, “the kingdom of the two seas”, offers a flat island landscape. The National Theatre fits in this landscape, connecting the sky and the sea. It expresses a cultural belonging to the Arab world and its layout is that of an Arab palace, settled around an empty central space. The traditional palace patio is replaced by the main foyer. The main auditorium is located in the centre of this space, encased like a precious jewel. The play of water, shade and light is present throughout the building. The National Theatre is a landmark that embodies the artistic and cultural dynamism of the Kingdom both regionally and globally. It is designed to accommodate national and international events. It also serves as an urban and cultural centre, a place for creation and rehearsal, where artists breathe life daily.
Source: AS.Architecture Studio/ Nicolas Buisson
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