TK139 design by at103

TK139 design by at103
header_logo%2520copy%2520copy.jpg (805×90) Architects: at103 Location: Tecamachalco, Mexico Architect In Charge: Julio Amezcua, Francisco Pardo Design Team: Tiberio Wallentin, Yareni Rebolledo, Hanni Paz, Aida Hurtado Project Year: 2012 Project Area: 1,170 sqm Photographs: Rafael Gamo Some variables were identified within this 1,170 sqm property that will allow this housing project to increase its value as time passes by. It is located west of Mexico City between the neighborhoods of Lomas de Chapultepec, Tecamachalco and Polanco. It is an area where office buildings, restaurants, schools, green areas and houses evolve on lots that measure an average of 220 sqm. Together with the developer we proposed a housing project called UNO, offering something different than what was already built in those neighborhoods in terms of proportion and area. UNO is a name that is commonly assigned to the suits that astronauts wear, racers and motorcyclists, which means: all their needs and their functions are contained in that one (UNO) piece. The building has three blocks, each one measuring 21 x 11 meters. Twenty-seven unique apartments were developed resulting in twenty 60sqm. modules and seven 120 sqm. modules plus 3 courtyards that provide light and a maximum surface of east-west facades, allowing cross ventilation and very low use of artificial lighting. All service and function areas are kept contained within a wooden wall, that’s how electric cables, hydraulic, gas, voice and data, closet space, and the kitchen are all contained inside of this unit. Everything that is necessary to make and apartment work is here. This allows maximum flexibility on the interior space, freeing and extending the views to the exterior until they are stopped by the foliage of the trees on the yards that permeate inside the space. The principal facade is made of a perforated metal material with a folding system to control views thus providing privacy. The building offers, concierge service, housekeeping, gym, laundry and dry cleaning. The roof floor is a green area where complementary events can be developed.
Source: at103/ Rafael Gamo
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