Crossroad Offices Extension design by OFIS Arhitekt

Crossroad Offices Extension design by OFIS Arhitekt
header_logo%2520copy%2520copy.jpg (805×90) Architects: OFIS Arhitekti Location: Graz, Austria Project Team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Janez Martincic, Andrej Gregoric, Jan Celeda, Will Gibson, Carlos Garcia, Zuzana Chupacova, Andrej Kacera, Aquilino Fernandez Lopez, Sara Barriocanal, Radek Toman, Jan Smejkal Structural Engineering: Gravitas d.o.o. Mechanical, Electrical & Sustainable Engineering: ISP d.o.o. Type: office, lecture halls Site Area: 2160 m2 Bldg. Area: 971 m2 Gross Floor Area: 2528 m2 Gross Floor Ratio: 2,6 Materials: reinforced concrete, glass and aluminium Max. Height: 10 m Inner Space: 2112 m2 The new extension for the Crossroad Offices by OFIS Arhitekti acts as a crossroad regulator between the existing villa and its approach from the street on the south side and the underground parking on the east side. The actual form derives from the main logical directions on the site to the main destinations as the new volume is positioned behind the existing villa with individual cut outs, ‘green bays’, in function of the extended external park coming into the pavilion. Inside they form divisions between internal spaces and create dynamic, light and calming atmosphere. More images and architects’ description after the break. The existing villa and extension are connected; both, raised ground floor and first floor are on the same level as existing Villa. Both buildings can work together as a single unit or they can work separately which allows more flexibility towards future tenants. Main entrances into the extension are heading Lechgasse on the southeast and garage pedestrian entrance towards the northeast. Old villa can be approached either from these entrances or from separate historical entrance through the porch from the park. The program is distributed on both floors of the extension in the sizes required by the brief. One enters the extension through the gentle slope heading Leechgase or through staircase heading the garage entrance. There is space for reception, wardrobe and beverages/snack self service machines by the entrance. Behind is a space for coffee, informal meetings and rest. The lobby waves around green atriums and offers entrances to both large conference rooms and elevator/staircase leading the first floor. It is also connected with existing historical Villa The lobby is a multipurpose space that can also work in case of receptions and other events as space of catering, exhibition or informal presentations. The congress halls can be joined if necessary. Both rooms have possibility of daily light with attractive view towards the park and new green atrium that create calm, human friendly and intimate atmosphere. A smaller congress hall, meeting/president room and secretariat with archive/storage and toilets are located on the first floor. The proposal keeps the existing trees and plans some new ones on the Northwest side. Existing barrack on the border are removed. Parking is planed on grass-concrete tiles just from the Leechgasse connected on existing entrance. Also pedestrian entrance is organized. All the rest of the plot remains as a park.
Source: OFIS Arhitekti
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